This website is dedicated to my private practice, you will be able to discover in detail my career, as well as some of my interviews in the media concerning the couple, love and sexuality among other related subjects (this section is only in French). 

I practice, since 2007, as a psychotherapist and sexologist in two family planning centers, the Free Clinic and Aimer à l'ULB, where I work with many individuals and couples. When I'm not in the family planning centers, I consult in Uccle at my private office, it's a place that I share with my partner, Doctor Virginie Zengbe, gynecologist-obstetrician.

I have a non-linear background in ​​helping relationships. I first obtained a master's degree in communication at IHECS, at the time I was particularly interested in the subject of the couple and in emotional and sexual education. This is why I followed my studies by gaining a master's degree in family sciences and sexuality at UCL in the faculty of psychology. After completing these studies, I had the chance to join several family planning centers, where I first specialized in EVRAS (Education in Affective and Sexual Relational Sexual Life) in a school environment. I am deeply concerned by this type of work and I sometimes cover these issues in the media.

Following this experience I developed a strong interest in clinical work, as well as practicing as a sexologist and psychotherapist, this is why I pursued a certificate in psychotherapeutic clinics - systemic orientation at the ULB, it was during this training that I was able to develop my individual and couple practice as a clinician. 

For several years I have sustained a practice as a therapist, working in approved and renowned health centers and as a private practicioner. I am regularly supervised and I participate in various clinical intervention groups. I am also a member of the Society of University Sexologists of Belgium (SSUB).

Couples therapy

Systemic couples therapy is the best known and most successful approach in theoretical terms. It often allows couples to breathe new life into their relationship, or allows the partners to see with greater clarity how they can understand each other better. What defines the health of a couple's relationship is its ability to overcome crises. These are often necessary because they are factors of change.

The issues most often tackled in couples therapy are: communication problems-difficulties related to intimacy, sexuality-desire disorder-recurrent conflicts / misunderstandings-difficulties with children / (step) family- difficulties to overcome extramarital relationships - money problems - mourning - power sharing - different life goals - couple's needs - emotions - how to separate with dignity and fairness.


With a strong practice as a psychotherapist for many years in an institution and in a private practice, I offer you a calm and reassuring place in order to support you in your request to get better. My basic orientation is systemic psychotherapy (ULB), but I regularly adopt an integrative approach from other trends (brief therapy, solution-oriented therapy, etc.). I do not think I am a cold and distant therapist, for me, the therapeutic relationship is above all a human relationship, that is why I attach great importance to receiving you in a non-judgmental, warm and interactive way.

The subjects that can be addressed during a consultation: loss of meaning in your life, anxiety, stress, depression, irritability, bereavement, romantic breakdown, relationship difficulties in your couple / family / with friends, phobias, OCD, professional or parental burnout, ordeal in his life (illness, loss of job), management of emotions, self-confidence, mental ruminations, addictions, and any questioning proper to his place in this world sometimes so complicated...

Sex therapy

It is often an approach that can be difficult. Some patients sometimes wait many years before daring to call a sexologist, these problems are often experienced in shame and loneliness. Having the courage to consult and the desire to change already represent 50% of the way to change ...

The issues that can be addressed are: desire disorders, sexual addiction, "chemsex", premature ejaculation, vaginismus, pain during intercourse, erectile dysfunction, traumatic experiences (abuse, incest, rape ..), sexual disorders linked to a particular period of life (pregnancy, menopause, abortion, sexuality of the elderly, etc.), the absence of orgasm, the absence of ejaculation, voyeurism, BDSM, issues related to sexual orientation, sexual and gender identity, difficulties related to fantasies, and any problems that the couple is facing which is related to sexuality.