Couples therapy, individual psychotherapy and sex therapy

My name is Florent Loos, I am a psychotherapist and a sexologist. I welcome you, by appointment, at my office in Brussels.


Couples therapy

A passionate concern and interest for nearly two decades in the dynamics of human relationships. I have a university diploma in systemic therapy (ULB) with a specificity in couples therapy



Psychotherapy helps to alleviate suffering and psychological distress. It also deepens our understanding of how we interact with others and teaches us to know ourselves better.


Sex therapy

Sometimes, our sexual behaviors and thoughts can cause us pain and difficulties, consulting a clinical sexologist, over a period of time, allows us to experience greater fulfillment in our intimate life.


Contact information

Only with an appointment

TEL: 0474/977.341


Adresse: 324 avenue Brugmann 1180 Uccle

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time, I do not use a waiting room in order to preserve the anonymity of my clients.

In the media

Educations sexuelles : La sexualité enseignée aux enfants

Documentaire audio réalisé par France-Culture sur l'éducation sexuelle en Belgique, Delphine Saltel m'a suivi pendant différentes animations.


Rupture amoureuse et résilience

Peut-on créer par la rupture amoureuse une existence neuve?


L'amour au temps du numérique

Trois livres interrogent la manière dont les sites et applications de rencontre affectent nos vies sentimentales et sexuelles.